Summer prayer cards to get people to return to church

Prayer card thumb 2014

One of the biggest fears that people have of churches is that they want things from people—money, time, loyalty. And while it’s true that true discipleship is demanding, for unchurched guests, we don’t want them to feel that they owe the church anything. We want to love and share with them. One of the best…

How to cite Bible verses

Just a quick note here to go along with Gayle’s useful article about how to use numbers in print. Following are some of the ways you can cite Bible verses in text: The first link will take you to the most common ways to cite Bible verses. The second link gives a variety of how various…

How to use Mother’s Day to grow your church

Mother's Day can be a great time to grow your church!

Most church leaders don’t think of Mother’s Day as a time for potentially great church growth—but you should. This is because Mother’s Day Sunday is the third highest day for attendance(because of added unchurched people) in North America, running slightly behind Christmas and Easter. Though most churches know this and work hard to make it…

Event evaluation resources and FREE e-books

Here are some additional resources to for post-event evaluation and some free e-books: Make special event evaluation a habit for continuous improvement–3 forms and a book that will help, to download, CLICK THIS LINK: A primary link to a free e-book on church communications PLUS a number of others, CLICK THIS LINK: