Bonus tip for how to staying legal with social media

Check out this article for specific advice, links, company requirements, etc. on how to use the logos, illustrations and citations for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn in your church communications:  Honoring Copyright Part 2: Legal Ways To Use Common Social Media Logos . It’s a good page to bookmark for reference.

Why ministry leaders aren’t always good communicators and what to do about it

Leaders communication challenges

The important term in the headline here is “aren’t always.” Ministry leaders, including pastors, leaders of groups like Young Life, and missionaries are almost always great verbal communicators or they wouldn’t be in ministry. They do great talking to groups, teaching, challenging, motivating. But in today’s multi-channel communication universe, that isn’t enough. What’s needed today…

Summer prayer cards to get people to return to church

Prayer card thumb 2014

One of the biggest fears that people have of churches is that they want things from people—money, time, loyalty. And while it’s true that true discipleship is demanding, for unchurched guests, we don’t want them to feel that they owe the church anything. We want to love and share with them. One of the best…