How to use Mother’s Day to grow your church

Mother's Day can be a great time to grow your church!

Most church leaders don’t think of Mother’s Day as a time for potentially great church growth—but you should. This is because Mother’s Day Sunday is the third highest day for attendance(because of added unchurched people) in North America, running slightly behind Christmas and Easter. Though most churches know this and work hard to make it…

Event evaluation resources and FREE e-books

Here are some additional resources to for post-event evaluation and some free e-books: Make special event evaluation a habit for continuous improvement–3 forms and a book that will help, to download, CLICK THIS LINK: A primary link to a free e-book on church communications PLUS a number of others, CLICK THIS LINK:

Note Taking that Works

Take notes effectively

Whether recording instructions or jotting seminar notes, whether using pen or PC, every assistant needs a system—an organized method of arranging information so it can be retrieved and used as needed. Most notes are, after all, taken not just for the sake of getting words on paper, but for the purpose of recording data or…