Making Your Workspace Work

Organize your office

You may spend more hours in your office than in any other room in your environment. How is this important space working for you? You may not—or you may!—be able to swing a major re-do, but it is quite possible even a few little changes could make a big difference in your comfort, disposition, and…

Essential website and social media house-keeping for Fall

Be sure your digital church life is as tidy as your physical church.

Just like we often clean the house before a special event, we also want our digital church home to be tidy. With your website and social media, going into fall is a good time to make certain that essential house-keeping tasks are taken care of for your website. Though not as exciting as creating special…

Details Matter—Looking Good in Print

Details matter in church communications

When it comes to looking good in print, small details make a big difference. As one ministry assistant pointed out, “Members use word processing at home now, so they pay more attention to our printed materials and notice how we put things  on the page. I really want to feel secure about how the bulletin and our…

Bonus tip for how to staying legal with social media

Check out this article for specific advice, links, company requirements, etc. on how to use the logos, illustrations and citations for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn in your church communications:  Honoring Copyright Part 2: Legal Ways To Use Common Social Media Logos . It’s a good page to bookmark for reference.