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Is your website an open door or barrier to your church?

Church website=church door.

Today, if we have a question about anything, where do we look up information? If we want hours of operation, products offered, staff bios? If we want to know what movie is playing, what time a concert starts, what classes are offered at a college where do we do to find out? Obviously, we go…

The most important Church Communication Trend for 2014

Make fully fulfilling the Great Commission your #1 goal for the coming year

It’s always interesting to read articles about communication trends for the coming year, to see what others conclude are significant or useful in communications and to ask ourselves—did we see the same trends, do we have the same opinions, are there surprises? Trend lists also give us tips to make our church communications more useful…

ECC Site and Membership Software Search UPDATE

Yvon Prehn

Preliminary note: though the start of this article is all bad news, I have a system in process that I believe will work well for everyone—more about it at the end of the article. My brain is tired. I’ve spent much of the last several weeks looking for a membership software system that would serve…