Connection Cards for Mother’s Day–essential tools for follow-up

Mother's Day Connection Card, free card

Click on the image to download a free, ready-to-print PDF of this card.

Connection Cards are vitally important for your Mother’s Day outreach success, because if visitors don’t give you their contact information, you won’t be able to follow-up with them. You might have a huge attendance on Mother’s Day, but if the next Sunday is back to your usual numbers, you’ve missed a great opportunity to connect.

If you give church visitors an opportunity to share a question or a prayer request, you will be amazed at how many people will share with you. If you follow-up promptly and compassionately, you will make a significant connection.

To save you time in this important task, I’ve created some cards that are ready for you to print and use. The card to the left is a free PDF for everyone, the files below are part of a ZIP file for ECC Ebook and Template Club Members.  If you are not a Member, you can purchase the ZIP file later in this post. For each of the cards illustrated below it has:

  • A PDF ready-to-print file
  • Editable MS Publisher file
  • PNG image (perhaps you want to add it to a PowerPoint announcement and encourage people to fill it out)

Connection Card bookThe importance of Connection Cards and how to get the most from them

To make the most of connection cards at Mother’s Day and any time, be sure you have a copy of the book: Connection Cards, connect with visitors, grow your church, pastor your people–little cards, big results.  It is a complete ministry strategy and how-to plan to help you get the greatest response from Connection Cards. It tells you how to plan how to announce them for the greatest response, how to design them, how to follow up effectively, plus many tips on what to do and not do.

The book is available at the special, low price of $6.50 as a download with the link below. This is a copy of the complete book, with all the example pages included. The Free Kindle version and Free Smashbooks version only contain samples of the strategy (still useful, but not as complete as the full book, do check them out).  If you would like a paperback copy of the book, CLICK HERE to go to the selection of Yvon Prehn books.

To purchase the full-length ebook version:

Ebook: Connection Cards


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Connection Card ZIP File

Additional designs of Mother’s Day Connection Cards

This file is FREE for members of Effective Church Communications Ebook and Template Club members (CLICK HERE for Membership Information)–the link is at the end if the article. Anyone else can purchase the ZIP file that has all the designs below in ready-to-print PDF format, editable MS Publisher template files and PNG files.

ZIP File of Mothers day Connection Cards


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The additional designs: various styles, clipart, photo images, spot color of the Connection Cards that are in the ZIP FILE:

Mother's Day Connection Card, free card











CLICK HERE to download your file.

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