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You don’t have to do all the work! Templates created by Effective Church Communications can save you hours of creating forms, writing, designing, searching for artwork.

You don’t have to do all the work yourself! Templates provided by Effective Church Communications save you hours of time in planning, writing and creating church communications.

Templates are one of the key tools in Effective Church Communications

To help explain how to use  Templates, we created a video:What is a TEMPLATE on Effective Church Communications and how can you use them? (CLICK HERE to go to the Video)

This article has the links to materials mentioned on the video: plus some related ebooks that go with them. In addition to the TEMPLATES shown in the video, this list has links to some more church communications that are not mentioned are at the end of this list.

Lots more, but this will give you a good idea of what is available

This list is just a tiny sample of all the templates available on the site. There are templates for many of the church forms you need, lots for Marketing and Outreach for most of the holidays. Each month new templates are added.

Many hours went into the creation of these templates: for the marketing and holiday outreach and PR this involves finding images, making sure the images were copyright OK, modifying images, designing the publications, writing, layout, typesetting. Many of the forms were built, all the bulletin inserts have original devotions, writing, challenges on them. In the future we want to have more templates made from church publications.

Some of these Templates can be used as is, though all of them can be modified as much as you want. You can change colors, typefaces, wording whatever. You can take parts and combine them or do whatever you want.

Below are the links to a variety of communications, first is a video, then communication Template links

Link to Video on What is a PDF? and the three kinds on the Effective Church Communication Website

Template for One Page Church Bulletin (this is the greatest–please check it out!)

TEMPLATES: editable church communication planning and evaluation forms, plus PDFs


FREE ebook for ECC Members on Planning

Templates for Church Communication Cards, there are two files:


In addition to the Templates on Connection Cards, here is the link to many other resources that will train you in the most effective use of this key church growth tool.

Templates shown on the video of  Church Invitation Cards

Video and instructions on how to use www.vistaprint.com

FREE e-book: Church Business & Invitation Cards, outreach, PR, information and caring all in one

Section of website with lots of information on Church Invitation Cards

The seasonal tab and section has many entries that have templates, check them out:

Easter Follow-up: postcards, email messages for coffee & conversation, latte with the pastor

Simple, easy, useful Christmas Invitation Templates

Father’s Day Bulletin Inserts and Business Cards, MS Publisher editable files, PDFs, & jpg

All of these templates are FREE to Effective Church Communication Members and the templates are one of the best reasons to join Effective Church Communications To find out more about Membership in Effective Church Communications, CLICK HERE.

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