Children’s Ministry Resources for Easter: List of Links and Resources on this Site

Effective Church Communications has lots of resources for everyone and especially for ECC MEMBERS for Children’s Ministry for Easter.

To make them a little bit easier to find, we’ve put links to below to the major resources. We’ll add new ones as we add materials. All of the ideas can be viewed by anyone, but many of the articles have additional materials, PDFs, templates, images available for ECC Members. CLICK HERE for ECC Membership Information.

Easter Jelly Bean Prayer, text and PDFs

By using the colors of Jelly Beans, this prayer is a visual way to share the gospel message to children—and to the adults with the children—sometimes candy isn’t nearly as intimidating as a sermon.

It is useful at Easter to enclose in goodie bags, to use as an invitation, use as an illustration during a lesson or children’s sermon. The article contains the text for the Jelly Bean Prayer for everyone that you can use to create materials for Easter for Children. If you are a member of Effective Church Communications, below the text is a link to a Download of a PDF of 3 versions of the card.

Video and PDF Instruction Book: How to modify an Easter image photo with Snagit

This video is not only a wonderful resource for Easter, but it is a great tutorial for any time of the year on how to modify an image from a boring photo to a great graphic.

PDFs: Two Children’s invitations to Easter events

These invitations make use of the Church Bunny Graphic from the Video above.

PDF and Text for: Children’s Resurrection Cookies

Resurrection Cookies are one of the best ways to share the Easter message with children in your church as well as with visitors.


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  2 comments for “Children’s Ministry Resources for Easter: List of Links and Resources on this Site

  1. 1 April, 2012 at 10:13 am

    Good day,

    Please would you kindly review the website, and add it to your list of links if you find it useful.

    Truthforkids is a website for Children’s Ministry leaders, parents and kids, and it include free crafts, devotions, teacher tips, drama and puppet scrips.

    Many thanks, and may God richly bless you and your ministry!!
    Dave Strehler

    • 1 April, 2012 at 10:01 pm

      I’m delighted to tell people about your site! I will do an article about it–you have some wonderful things!

      Please let them know about Effective Church Communications!

      Yvon Prehn

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