Effective Easter Outreach: Door-hangers, ready-to-print PDFs and MS Publisher templates

One of the most powerful reasons door-hangers can be effective Easter outreach is because often the  person reading them is alone and may not be thinking about anything else.

This is a FREE DOWNLOAD PDF door-hanger. There are 3 of them to an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet.  If you need blank door-hangers, go to An inexpensive, easy and effective outreach tool for Easter and other occasions—Door-hangers for an article that lists resources for blank doorhanger. This door-hanger would look really nice on yellow card stock that can be ordered from these sources.  The article also provides additional reasons why door-hangers make effective Easter outreach tools.

There are a number of additional PDFs and editable MS Publisher templates for ECC Members, including and editable version of this door-hanger. On the back, it has the thought-provoking message that follows. There is room at the bottom of the message for you to put a specific invitation to your church event for Easter outreach.

Message on the back of the doorhanger:

The feeling that there is light at
the end of the journey. . .
The assurance that someday
wrongs will be righted. . .
The joy of knowing you are
loved and accepted . . .
The clean feeling of sins washed
away. . .
Hope is what Easter is all about.
Join us this Easter Sunday and
let us share a message of hope
with you.

In addition to this doorhanger, we also have 2 other full-color door-hangers for Easter Outreach as well as three that are black and white with spot color.Only one of the black and white version is illustrated here.Doorhanger 5 Doorhanger 1Doorhanger 2Doorhanger 4

For ECC Members, the link below is to a ZIP file that has all of the door-hangers in ready-to-print PDF format as well as editable MS Publisher files. For the spot-color door-hangers, both the PDF and templates are color separated and ready to print.

To see a short webinar on how to modify a full-color image into a black and white line drawing, go to this article: Webinar: How to turn a full-color image into a black and white drawing.


Click here to download the ZIP file. Save it to your hard drive and click to open.

Anyone can print out the PDFs, both full-color and color separated. You must have MS Publisher to open and edit the MS Publisher Template files.

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