Pledge Card/Committment Card Sample that includes more than money and reminds us of our committment to discipleship

In church we often talk about giving our “time, talent, and treasure,” but when it is time for the congregation to give its annual pledge, many churches only ask for money. In this wonderful sample from Gordon M., his church asks for not only a monetary pledge, but asks for very important commitments in all areas of spiritual growth, as shown below. It is only after these areas that the financial part of the card comes in. Here is the sample text for everyone, the PDFs and editable files for ECC MEMBERS are described below.

Pray for Duncan Memorial at least   ___ Daily  ___Weekly ___Monthly

Worship at Duncan Memorial (or elsewhere) ___Weekly  ___ 2x/Month  ___ Monthly

Discipleship Growth Group participation (Accountability/Bible Study/Prayer/Sunday School, etc.)  ___Yes

Volunteer to help with other Duncan Memorial ministries:  ___Children/Youth Sunday School   ___Serve on Committee

___Meals  ___Office Help  ___Yard Work/Maintenance  ___Visitation  ___Mission  ___ Other ____

Serve the poor at least one hour ___ Weekly  ___ Monthly  ___ Quarterly

Share our faith with others and/or invite others to experience Christ here  ___Yes

On the back of the card is a Tithe Chart.

I like so much about this card because not only does it ask for commitment, but it very strongly reminds church members that being a Christian involves prayer, worship, discipleship, volunteering, helping the poor and sharing our faith. As leaders in the church, we need to remind our people that ALL of these actions are important in our faith and this card is a fantastic reminder.

Below is what the card looks like on the Front and Back.

For ECC MEMBERS, below the images is a link and you can download Two Zip Files:

One is titled “Commitment Cards” and it has a PDF, 3-up of the card, a PNG image if you wanted to put it on PowerPoint or use it for training, plus an editable MS Publisher file so that you can modify the file and make one for your church.

The Second file is titled “Tithe Chart” and it has a PDF of the chart, 3 up, ready for you to print, a PNG image to use on PowerPoint (show it to the congregation and encourage them to look it over and pray about it) and an editable MS Publisher file of the chart. You probably don’t want to modify the chart, but you may want to change the header to personalize it for your church.

The files can be accessed below the images. They will save you a tremendous amount of time in not having to create them and are another benefit of being a Member of Effective Church Communications. If you’d like to find out more about joining, click here.  If you have samples you’d like to share, please send them with your permission for me to use them to Again a HUGE thank you to Gordon! You’ve blessed us all!!!

Committment Card Image

ECC MEMBERS Links to the Zip Files for the Commitment Card and the Tithe Card

To access the files click on the link, download the ZIP file and SAVE IT to your desktop. Then just click on it to open the files. Remember you do have to have MS Publisher to open the files, but anyone should be able to use the PDFs and the PNG image files.

For the Commitment Card ZIP FILE, click here.

For the Tithe Card ZIP FILE, click here.

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