Connection Card Templates–just download and modify

Some of the great advantages of ECC Membership are the editable MS Templates available for you and here is the collection of Connection Card ones. The images below are part of a ZIP file that is for ECC Members. The link to the file is at the bottom of this article. Just download, save on your hard-drive and click to open.

Washout image connect card  2

Quarter page connection card

An ebook that will help you effectively create, collect and follow-up with Church Connection Cards

Connect Card cover newFor special deal on this book (only $6.50 for the ebook) that tells you everything necessary to use these cards to connect with visitors, has over 100 pages of practical advice and many samples, just click on the image. This resource has changed churches in incredible ways by giving them a way to connect with visitors and pastor their people.

In addition to being able to purchase the book for immediate download, the book is free for Effective Church Communication Members.

For additional articles about Connection Cards, videos, more templates and the other information about them on this site CLICK HERE to go to a listing of many more resources.

Using Connection Cards effectively can make a huge impact on your church, so take the time to study the resources and pray for wisdom that you can use them effectively.

Link to the ZIP FILE to download the Templates

Click here to go to the ZIP file containing these and other editable Connection Cards. Save file to your hard drive, click to open and edit in MS Publisher. You have to have MS Publisher installed on your computer for these to work.

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