PDF form: Church Communication Survey

Publisher survey with PictureWe can think we are communicating to our people, but if we aren’t getting the responses we with we had, if people are not showing up to events or growing in their faith as much as we would like, we may not be communicating as well as we think we are.

One way to evaluate your communication effectiveness is to take a survey.The WEBINAR/VIDEO (click here to go it) shows How to create and use church communication surveys. This is a PDF of the form shown in the video.

The links below will take you to the  PDF (non-editable) of the form.

With the honest feedback you can get from using a form like this you will have a solid foundation of facts to make changes in your church communication program.

Click here for the PDF Download of the Church Communication Survey.

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Yvon Prehn

Yvon Prehn is the founder and director of Effective Church Communications and author of numerous books about church communications, whose goal is to help churches fully fulfill the Great Commission. 

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