Church Bulletin Samples, set #1

Church SAMPLES Book

This is the first of four new Church Bulletin Sample books. Click on the image to purchase and download the ebooks of over 120 pages of great samples.

UPDATE: Effective Church Communications has just released four NEW ebooks of Church Bulletin Samples.

These e-books are each over 120 pages of fantastic samples of church bulletins and bonus articles on how to make them more effective. We’ve priced them so any church can afford them–only $6.50 each and the whole set is only $26.00! CLICK HERE to go to the page where you can purchase them for immediate download.

The incredible importance of church bulletins

Church bulletins are  one of the most important church communication pieces because they may be the first piece of Christian literature a visitor sees. They are their first introduction to your church and the Christian faith.

In addition, they are a key way your church keeps members informed and connected to the church. People can’t grow in their faith if they don’t participate in church growth opportunities. There is a lot more information about Bulletins on this website, CLICK HERE to go to that section.

Though the bulletin is a key piece of church communications, it is only one of the many needed if your church wants to carry out the Great Commission–to share the gospel and make disciples. Doing that, to fully fulfill the Great Commission is the purpose of this website and we invite you to check out the many areas that can help you. New materials, samples and training are posted each week and please sign up for our free newsletter (form on the home page) so you’ll find out about them.

Samples sent in from churches

Below is a selection of church bulletins sent in as part of our first Great Idea Swap along with brief comments by Yvon Prehn. These samples are not shared for design and layout ideas alone, but for a variety of layout, content, and ministry ideas that are highlighted with the brief comments by each one. Study the bulletins  from other churches always with the prayer of what you can learn that will help you be more effective with your congregation.

To study each more closely, you can click on the image and it will take you to a downloadable PDF of the whole bulletin.

These samples are from our older collection and though they are still very useful, our new collection of  Bulletin Sample Books has hundreds more samples, check them out by CLICKING HERE.

Connections bulletinConnections bulletins

I love this bulletin for lots of reasons including a very attractive, clean, clear layout, good design. One ministry thing I really like about this bulletin is how they use the front for a short written lesson. This short piece is a lead-in to the service and message.

So many churches waste this valuable space with a picture that has little meaning. At the same time, inside the bulletin often there is not enough room for essential information. Check out the full bulletin and consider packing every inch of your bulletin with ministry-effective information.

To go to the PDF of the full bulletin, click here or on the image.

Check out the ful

FBC Bulletin

First Baptist Church Bulletin

This bulletin comes from 2001 and the colors of this bulletin, purple and teal were popular at that time (I still quite like them). The bulletin was printed on a RISO digital duplicator, using color drums of each color.

In addition to the color choice, one thing that is quite nice about the bulletin is the fold. The size of paper is a regular 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, but instead of folding it in the way many church bulletins are folded, it was folded on the tall side—which makes for an interesting look. Try it and see how your material fits into this layout option.

To go to the PDF of the full bulletin, click here or on the image.

Catholic bulletin #2Cathedral of Saint Andrew

This is a beautiful bulletin with an especially pleasing choice of colors and beautiful typography.

Bulletins from Catholic churches are different than the typical Protestant bulletin because people receive them as they leave the service, rather than when they come into the service. They do not contain information about the service itself, but about the various ministries of the church.

This bulletin has well-done descriptions, articles about Pentecost and a section in Spanish. I strongly recommend you check out the PDF and look at it.

Click here to look at the bulletin more closely or click on the image.

Simple BulletinMaranatha Christian Reformed Church

Not every church bulletin has to have color or fancy images to let people know clearly and simply what is going on at the church. This bulletin has a clear order of service (something some of the most beautiful bulletins lack) and every visitor would know what is going on. It also has a very clear list and contact information for the various ministries of the church. This bulletin feels beautifully appropriate for this church, just as the beautiful graphics feel very appropriate for the bulletin for the Cathedral above. ALWAYS be who you are and the Lord will draw the people to you who are suited for a walk of faith with you.



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