Typography: a powerful tool to create effective church communications

Type is one of your most powerful design tools and this book excerpt will help you use it effectively.

Type is one of your most powerful design tools and this book excerpt will help you use it effectively.

Type is one of the most powerful design tools you have in creating effective church communications.

Even though we are not always aware of it, we’ve all grown up with a typography vocabulary. For example which one of the two examples below is a headline and which is text:



this one?

You didn’t even have to think about it did you? Bigger, larger, bold means headline; smaller and not bold means text. There are many more unconscious ways we read type and to be an effective communicator you need to understand them and use them wisely. This PDF chapter excerpt will help you do that.

To download the PDF, click here or on the image.

note: this PDF is from Yvon Prehn’s archives and is the only format of this article available presently. Not the greatest quality to be sure, but shared with the belief that the content is useful.
This excerpt is from Yvon Prehn’s first book on desktop publishing, The Desktop Publishing Remedy, published in 1993 by David C. Cook. The book has gone through numerous editions and reprintings since then and is still a useful source of basic instruction for church communicators. All of the chapters are for sale in both download and spiral bound versions at http://www.lulu.com/yvonprehn under the title of Back to Basics, foundational skills for church communicators.

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