Choir newsletter example: upbeat, brief, and effective

One page choir newsletter and a great example of how a niche publication keep members informed in a fun and upbeat way.

One page choir newsletter and a great example of how a niche publication keep members informed in a fun and upbeat way.

Great design never goes out of style and though this PDF example is from a number of years ago, it’s still great. The overall design, attitude, words, and content of this piece is a great example and inspiration for any church communication piece.

It is a one-page update newsletter for the choir, but what it illustrates could be applied in many situations.

A key take-away idea from this is that no matter what the format you use to inform people, whether it is paper, PDF online, a webpage or email, for a ministry update, be brief and positive.

Notice also that though the layout is fun and pleasing, images do not overwhelm content. The words, lists, content is clear and complete.

The tone of your communications, a pleasant layout and your words should all communicate the joy of serving the Lord. 

To download the PDF, click here or on the image.

note: this PDF is from Yvon Prehn’s archives and is the only format of this article available presently. Not the greatest quality to be sure, but shared with the belief that the content is useful.

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